3 vac bags for upright hoover.The ones that are sorta long and have hole about a 3rd of the way down. New Still in package.
Just cut down a HUGE Oak Tree that has plenty fo good wood to burn if you have a fireplace I know FloridaSee pictures. An artist, sculpture could use it ... IT IS FREE COME GET IT BEFORE SOLID WASTE COMES GETS ITIt will be on the curb until gone
I have a Honda civic fuel filter for i believe a 2000 and earlier model, cooling hose for 2001-2005 automatic, exhaust spring bolts and donut also extra plastic hood rod holder clips for anyone that can use them, part numbers are on the boxes for the filter and spring bolts.
Free bromeliads on Spring valley ave in sebastian. JUST PUT OUT AT 5PM.. .MANY are days to weeks away from blooming.RIGHT BY THE ROAD. left side of street EAST. the street isnt that long so come get em. please dont make a mess. Thank youUPDATE.. LOTS MORE PUT OUT AT 10AM. 213 thanks for keeping things neat
This is our second Canon Pro9000 Printer so we have one entire printer you could use for parts plus an additional printhead that we saved from our previous one. The ink cartridges all still have ink in them. Ive been using this one for about 5 years. We think its problem is the sensor that can tell how the output deck is positioned is broken. Weve decided to purchase a new printer rather than g...
Seven gorgeous 12 x 12 heavy paperstock calendars - great for framing, or kids art projects. I hate to just throw them out if someone could use them for something.
CURB ALERTFREErecliner is on front porch of house Lift recliner in ok clean condition however lift is not working dont know what is wrong maybe small fix
Lots of HP Printers and Copiers for FREE. Some works some do not. Cleaning out garage. Full laser printers, Copiers and Fax machines. First come first serve You load your own car or truck. no help given